Cecile Cwelich

Cecile Cwelich Gort and husband John.

Cecile Cwelich Gort
444 Whispering Circle South
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

A bio? . . . whew! I’ll start “now” and work back. Married for the 2nd time in 1984—a guy from S Africa who’s the love of my life. Met John thru his three kids . . . cast them as the “no-neck monsters” in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. An auspicious beginning? They became my new family just at the moment when my own three children were flying the coop. (Call me crazy!) Presently am being supplied with grandchildren (only five so far . . . and—you know it—they are the most darling, intelligent, talented, handsome, etc., etc.)! All six kids and their families are at the “four corners:” Tacoma, Salt Lake City, Washington DC, Germany and Colorado. We visit them every chance we get.

Hope to travel much more before we can’t do it anymore. Spent lots of time in Paris and France; bits of time in Germany, England, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, S Africa, and two years in Australia (where I was elected to the town council — a fascinating situation). Enjoyed living in and visiting many places in the U.S. We rent apartments once or twice a year for a few weeks at a time in NYC to get our museum/theatre/opera/dance/vibes-of-the-city “fix.” Have stayed overlooking the WTC in Battery Park City, overlooking Central Park, and overlooking the East River. Love Colorado, but guess where my heart is? Love cruises, too, which we’ve taken to Alaska, Panama, Caribbean, Bahamas, up thru New England, Newfoundland and down the St. Lawrence. If it were possible, would never stop traveling!

Semi-retired from several “careers,” but still involved in theatre (wherever and whenever I can). Have had my own business for the last 20 years, specializing in catalog development, direct mail promotions, marketing, design/execution of almost any printed matter. Have given seminars on catalog design for the American Marketing Association, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and others. Was catalog director (merchandise and marketing) for Walter Drake & Sons, where I began as a copywriter. Before that was on-air talent (as well as continuity director, copywriter, etc.) for WVMT, a radio station in Burlington, VT. Loved every job I ever had — how lucky can you get?!

It’s been an exciting time, and not over too soon, I hope. I’m delighted at the thought of seeing everyone and I remember our LHS days with great affection. Great friends, great teachers, great times. What a lucky bunch we were (did we realize it at the time?). Thanks loads to Nancy and Helen and Katherine and everyone who’s done such a wonderful job putting the reunion together, and to Alan for a terrific web site. See you soon!

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