Dawn Kaminski

Sadly, Dawn passed away during February 2011. She will be missed.

 Dawn Kaminski's Grandchildren: Evan 9, Garrett  3, Zachary 5, Mackenzie 7, John 8 and Nicholas 4.

Dawn Kaminski Fitzgerald
32167 Hamilton Court-Suite 104
Solon, OH 44139

So where has the last half-century led me?  Through many interesting and fulfilling experiences.To begin with, I worked from 1956 to 1966 as an executive secretary at Westvaco on Park Avenue in Manhattan.  I married my high-school sweetheart in l960, and we had two children:  Dawn (now 40) and Tim (now 38).
Married life took me many places, as my (then) husband's career advanced. During the first 20 + years of marriage I traveled extensively - even over both oceans.  We had homes in N.J., Cincinnati (twice), Westchester County, San Francisco, etc.  Cleveland has been my home since the early '80s.  Speaking of Cleveland, there's lots to love, including its enriching cultural climate and its professional sports teams, although we're still trying to make it to the Super Bowl.  I even love its snow!  Its world-recognized medical facilities are a great comfort.
I divorced in 1989 after 28 years of marriage, never remarried, though I still enjoy dating some very wonderful male friends.  Dating was not the only thing new to me.  I returned to the workplace after a 30-year absence.  I was petrified!  I found employment with Sun Newspapers and plan to grace those corridors until I retire or fall over, whichever might come first.  Each day is a challenge and an education, not to mention a great source of entertainment.
The joys of my life I have saved for last.  Six very special grandchildren own my soul.  Dawn and her husband, Bill, live one town away from me and have three sons:  Evan 9, John 8, and Nicholas 4.  Tim and his wife, Heather, used to live near Dawn but they transferred to PA four years ago.  They, too, have three children:  Mackenzie 7, Zachary 5, and Garrett 3.  Those six little people are the prime reasons I am enjoying a happy, content and fulfilling "young" age.  I am enjoying my "now" and am looking forward to at least another 30 years.  After all, I still  have lots to do!

My fond memories of high-school days bring many nostalgic moments, and I still maintain that our '50s music is the best ever.

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