George Miller

Sadly George passed away during November 2008. We all mourn his loss.

George Miller and wife Linda.

Michele, Brian, Tara (daughter-in-law), Chris, Scout
and the one with the busy tail is Hope.

More recent picture of Tara (she is pregnant - due in March), Brian and Scout.

George Miller
593 Olive Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15237-4877
Home phone: 1-412-364-3831
Office phone: 1-412-635-8020

After graduating from Regis University (a Jesuit Institution in Denver, Colorado), I worked for Hoffman-La Roche in Nutley, N.J. and came upon an idea for a business in the research field.  I contacted a friend in Pittsburgh that was a classmate at Regis and he and I co-founded our Company in Pittsburgh.  After 35 years in this business, I decided to start a company of my own, also dealing in medical research, and Aster Industries was born.  We wholesale pre-clinical catheters and tissue matrices to pharmaceutical and bio-technical companies throughout the world. 

I met my wife Linda while starting my first business and we have three children: Michele, Chris and Brian.  Linda and I have one grandchild (hoping for more).  We are sorry we wonít be able to come to the reunion as we will be attending the wedding of a close friendís daughter.  We sincerely hope a great time is had by our class of 1956 and please pass on my well wishes to all!

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