Leena Palmu

Sadly, Leena passed away during April 2015. She was a wonderful friend and a
bright smile from across the Atlantic. She will be missed by all her classmates.

Leena and her grandchildren.

Leena Palmu Tanner
30 A 12. 00120 Helsinki

Upon returning to Finland from Leonia, I studied languages at the University of Helsinki.  Soon after starting my studies I met my husband, Arto, a law student at the same university.  Arto and I were married in 1957. 

My husband worked for the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and since 1965 his work as a diplomat took us to a number of different countries – in the earlier years to Hungary, Iraq, USA (New York and Washington DC).  In 1977 he became the Finnish Ambassador to Lebanon, Syria and Kuwait and later to East Germany, Israel and Greece.

We had 3 children, Teemu, Katariina & Mika.  All have their Master Degrees from the University of Helsinki.  Teemu followed in Arto’s footsteps and is now the Finnish Ambassador in Belgium.  Kati works as a Sales Director for a multinational forestry company and Mika is the Nordic Education Director for a company called SAP.

Sadly, since 2002 I am a widow.  I have 5 grandchildren.  I spend as much time as I can golfing and split my time between my two homes, one in Helsinki and the other near Cannes in France.

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