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The LHS56 Website is for the enjoyment of classmates and friends. 

Your active participation is welcomed.

Navigating the LHS56 Website

The LHS56 website is navigated by clicking on  links.

  • Links will usually be shown when you pass your mouse over the link. Depending on your browser a change of color or underline will indicate a link.

  • Links can be either a picture (icon) or word(s).

  • Links are also indicated in the lower left hand corner of most browsers. The browser will indicate the webpage the link will take you to.

  • For instance, clicking on the words  Classmates on the previous page will take you to a list of LHS Class of 1956 classmates.

Classmate webpages

Each classmate who submits a biography and/or photographs will have a webpage. To have information entered in your webpage click on Update Your Information and complete the form. When the form is submitted via Email the information will be used to update your webpage. Be patient, it may take several days to enter the information and upload it to the website.

Problems with the Website?

Not everyone's computer, browser and settings are the same. What works for someone else may not work for you. If you are experiencing problems or something doesn't seem right please open your e-mail program and send a message to webmaster@leonia56.org.

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