John Sterling

John and wife Dorothy

Coleen and J. Scott Sterling

Jeff, Jim, Lynn, Roberta

Sadly, John passed away during February 2012.
He will be missed by his family and classmates.

John J. Sterling
205 Beverly Way

Shark River Hills
Neptune, New Jersey 07753-5710
(732) 897-1647 

After graduating, joined US Army, 3rd Army Missile Command, 2 years.  Two years of Mechanics Institute, NYC.  Member Local #46 Ironworkers and Metal Lathers Local, NYC.  Supervisor for 38 years.  Also worked for the Tehranian Development Corp. of Iran, 1975.  Retired Feb. 2002 and loving it.  I always say, “God Bless those who still have desire.”  I am also amazed at the work that has been performed by those (you know who you are) that have organized this reunion after 50 years.  God bless all of you.  Terrific job, and thank you.

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