Gloria Stoehr

Gloria Stoehr Botten and husband David.

Gloria Stoehr Botten
38 Center Village Drive
Concord, MA 01742
978-985-3396 Cell

Moved to Southern California in 6/56 where I married in 5/60 and had four children - Natalie, Kevin, Tiffany and Sam.

Relocated to Illinois in 6/72 and then back to Southern California in 12/84 when I divorced.

Moved to Concord, MA to join David in 10/89 and we married in 11/99.
In 6/97 we purchased a knitting and needlepoint supplies store in West Concord, called Needle Arts of Concord, where I have been selling and teaching knitting, needle-point, crochet and rug hooking.

As for grandchildren:
Natalie is Mom to Saskia (16yrs) and lives in Eugene, Oregon.
Kevin is Dad to Madelynn (2yrs) and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
Tiffany has Cody (9yrs) and Kelly (6mths) and lives near Chicago, Illinois.
Sam is still single.

David's children are Steven (single) in Chicago, and Sarah who is Mom to Lauren (6yrs) and Ben (3 yrs) and lives in Columbus, OH.

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