Emer Yeager

Emer Yeager, wife Renee, daughters Tiffany 16 and Stephanie 17.

Emer Yeager
900 Shoreham Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Graduated West Point 1960.  Ranger, Airborne, Artillery Officer.  Resigned in 1965. MBA Harvard Business School 1967.  Investment Management Business in Los Angeles (much European travel including living brief periods in Switzerland and London), New York City, San Francisco (President of an Investment Advisory firm) for 21 years.  Executive VP of a Natural Gas Marketing Company for 7 years.  Reentered Investment Management Business as Consultant to Hedge Funds in 1998.  I work out of my home in Murfreesboro, TN and have 5 clients.  I love to golf (walking and carrying my bag).


Easter 1977 marked the most significant day in my life, when I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord.  I completed 2 years of Bible College, sang in church choir and various cantatas for 17 years, taught adult (singles) Sunday School, President of the Singles Group and led mission prayers for 14 years.


Married my wife Renee, whom I had met at our church, in March 1995.  We adopted 2 young sisters in June 1996.  They are the teenagers you see in the picture.  I have three other children, Bill (born in Hawaii, living in Montana), Jennifer (born in Boston, living in DC area) and Emily (born in Torrence, CA, living in Montana).  One stepdaughter, Danna Korn (living in San Diego area), who has pioneered the fight against celiac disease (gluten) and wrote "Living Gluten-Free for Dummies."  Four Grandchildren, one a junior at VA Tech.


In 1999, we moved to TN to be near Renee's parents who had just retired and moved here from Chicago.

In 1992, my eldest daughter, Jennifer, discovered that I was adopted (my Dad's half-sister was still alive and revealed the information which she had long pledged to keep secret).  I was shocked, but not really surprised since my parents were so much older.  I am so glad they kept the information secret from me.  I thank Almighty God for preserving my life and giving me such wonderful parents and sister (also adopted, which she never discovered).  Now, as a father of adopted children, I realize that genetics have nothing to do with love.  I know I was my Dad and Mom's son, just as my daughters are my daughters.  I thank God for the privilege of being Stephanie and Tiffany's father (as well as Bill's, Jennifer's, Emily's, and Danna's ) and for the blessing of being General and Mrs. Yeager's son. Mom and Dad, I salute you.


Living in Leonia and attending its school system in the 1950's had to be one of the greatest blessings one could imagine.  Great Friends, able to walk anywhere, always something to do, safe.  How often I have thought of my LHS Classmates and Buddies with affection...


God Bless you All,




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